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Design is key to making a piece look and fit the room and environment. The number and layout of drawers, shelves, and doors are essential in achieving an aesthetic design. Too many elements will make the piece appear too busy; too few will compromise functionality.

We can work with you to design anything you would like to have built. If you have drawing or pictures, all the better- it give us a much better idea of what we can build for you.

See pictures of past projects In the portfolio section. You may some ideas for your home or business. Contact us for any questions you might have.

Everything built in our shop uses high quality hardware and materials, including solid wood and cabinet grade plywood. There is no particle board or hardboard used.

Particle board has less holding strength than most other materials. When wet it swells, loses much of its strength, then literally turns to dust!.   Hardboard is thin and indicative of cheaper cabinets- it isn't as strong as plywood of the same thickness.
No particle board
No hardboard

Many people aren't aware of the difference between most off-the-shelf furniture and custom woodwork. An excellent article printed in Fine Homebuilding that has been edited and put on this website. It points out the differences in kitchen cabinets, including how they are constructed and the materials used. Take a look at the article entitled "The difference in cabinets".

Joints, such as rabbets, dados, mortise and tenons, and dovetails are commonly used for higher quality work, allowing you to enjoy the piece for years to come. Reproduction pieces have these and more intricate joints, and are held together by glues and wooden pegs.