Cherry Entertainment Center.


This was made specifically to fit into the corner of the room, where the television is viewed. Lights (with dimmers) have been built into the shelves to allow accent lighting on the adjustable shelves below. There is access to electrical an outlet, telephone jack, and lights inside the lower left-hand door.



The upper and lower pairs of doors in the center of the cabinet open, then slide into the cabinet (as shown). There is no hardware on the doors- just push in, and they pop out so they can be opened. The doors are inset into the openings- flush with the front of the frame- lending a clean, smooth look.




Here you can see both pairs of center doors are opened, and are recessed into the cabinet. All shelves on this unit are adjustable, including those behind the closed doors, and the shelves under the television, which hold the stereo components. The television sits on a base that extends and swivels. There is a fixed shelf for the VCR above the television.